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5 Reason to never get up early

currently: drowsy

5 reasons why people shouldn't get up so early.

1) If the sun isn't up, why should someone be? It's scientifically proven* that the sun makes people happy - and if you wake up to darkness - how happy would you be?
*note: not actually scientifically proven. but it should be.

2) People are normally cranky early in the morning. Take out the early and then problem solved. Just imagine the happier workplaces, schools, parents, kids, even elderly folk!

3) It's scientifically proven* that the more you sleep, less chance of obesity.
*note: this time it is scientifically proven. I've heard that kids have less chance of being fat and they grow taller when they sleep. Sure it can apply to the olders too.

4) Parties happen best at night. You should save your energy till then for maximum fun. Hence - sleep later.

5) Brains don't work in the early morning. Want better grades? - make school start at 10am.

When school starts next week - I am gonna dislike getting up very, VERY much.

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