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The Waiting Game

currently: grossed out.'s 10:46pm on a Thursday. And I can't brush my teeth.

Why? Cause we apparently have dirty brownish water flowing through our taps.

No, don't get the wrong idea. It isn't sewage. I don't think.

So right now, I'm just trying to occupy myself...since I can't use the bathroom or kitchen sinks. Don't want to use the toilets. And yeah, I have a feeling if I do get up, I shall be very uncomfortable.

So. School is starting up on the 3rd of Feb sadly enough. I am not ready for it. Why? Cause there are so many things I should have done...but I haven't done it. Why? Cause I'm lazy. I wanted to be lazy and yet I wanted to do all these things. see the dilemma.

What's also unfortunate is that the day before (2nd incase you can't tell) I have to go to school to fix my timetable. *grumbles* I'm missing a subject cause two of the choices I made are clashing. What's worse is that it's between Media and Photography. I mean I LOVE photography. and then Media would be really helpful for my future career (or at least I think so.) Actually, photography and media would both be helpful for my future career...but I can't choose betweent them! Don't make me choose!

Think the whole idea fact that I'm protesting is the fact that THIS YEAR was suppose to be MY YEAR. My year of AWESOME. But of really has began the way I planned. But maybe it's like a test to overcome adversity or something. Or it's just the universe getting back at me for having such high hopes for this year. But maybe things will turn for the better...

But for now...I'm more considered with the state of our water...*sigh*

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