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currently: on broadband speeds. :D

So, new title, new colours.

Why the change? I wanted something different...something happier...but I still love red so I made a new sort of colour...though I can't get the background grey to go away...Haven't figured that out yet. I've still been working with the template so it's hard to figure out what's what. I really need to learn some HTML...would be really helpful to just create my own layout. But, till then.

I'm considering this name for the blog at the moment...It was either gonna be "On the ride" (based on the Aly and AJ song), "while we still have time" (based on 'Work' by Jimmy Eat World) or "The lovers. The dreamers. And me." (based on Rainbow Connection by Kermit the Frog - then covered by Jason Mraz.) So this may be a temporary. And if the colour scheme looks good still then...

I'd just change the words for the title - including the swirly writing which I learnt to do thanks to (also where I got the flower brushes. Awesome site.)

Anyway, guess what? Only 11 days and 11 hours till I have to go back for my final year of high school. It's a real scary thought for me...
But for the meantime - I'm gonna watch Criminal Minds. :D

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