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currently: listening to "On The Ride" by Aly & AJ, off the album Into The Rush.

"Always know we're gonna be fine,
feeling great and feeling alive,
never coming down from this mountain we're on.
The feeling's so clear and it's crazy up here
life is amazing with you on the ride."
[On The Ride - Aly & AJ]

I admit, I like Aly & AJ. Despite their whole Disney status...they're actually talented. I was one of those kids back in 2005 who loved their debut album in all it's pop and cheesy goodness.

Then I went and downloaded their Into The Rush album...and I again admit, I've falling in love again. They are like my favourite chocolate bar that I had hidden under my bed and now am indulging secretly, savouring the flavours I've been trying to keep hidden forever.

This song which I have been playing for the past...2 hours. I'm quite addicted to it. It's just so happy and carefree, I haven't felt that way in a while.
Secretly, I want this to also be my song of the year. I know last year I said that 'Work' by Jimmy Eat World was gonna be my 2009 song, but I also want this to be my song for 2009.

I want this year to be filled with happiness. I don't want to fall into another trap of worry and panic and all the things I always get caught into. I want to find success, I want to find love, I want to find all the things that will be crazy and everything, just to be put onto the mountain top and feel on top of the world. I want my words to be taken away, I want moments to feel speechless, to do everything for joy. I want to feel free.

Darn, despite it's strong pop girly tunes, I wish I could write a song like this.

I need to feel inspired like this more often. And I also think I know what lyrics are gonna be the first written in my new ringbinder (seriously, my last one was full on crazy with lyrics, quotes, drawings and verses. Covered the inside front cover of my purple ringbinder, but unfortunately I broke it last week of I got a new blue ringbinder for school this year.)

You know what? I'm feeling pretty artistic right now. Might make up a new design before I go to bed. I need to get up early for my driving lesson, but I'm sure I should do this now before the motivation fades (don't you hate it when that happens?)

"the place is so crazy, the race is so worth it
life is amazing with you on the ride..."

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