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currently: 'laxing.

Last weekend of freedom.

(courtsey of LOLcats :D)

School starts Tuesday. And because I have to go to school Monday (>.<) This is pretty much my last days of freedom and doing nothing.
I dunno. Maybe it's good that I'm heading back. I can actually be focused to do something. See all my friends again...

I feel the need of a Good/Bad/Ugly list.

The Good, Bad and Ugly about the ending of summer holidays.

Good: You can finally stop doing nothing and actually accomplish something with your life when school work starts coming in. No more being lazy.

Bad: Not being able to be lazy. School work. No more sleep ins. 8:45am starts of school. Summer weather going. School uniforms. Mean teachers. Wind tunnel of a school.

Ugly: The clock showing 7am on a Monday morning and the dark clouds that match.

Ahh...Darn it.

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