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currently: annoyed.

Call me whiney, a whinger, a pain, but I hate my fricken Classics results.
2 merits and an achieved for my 3 papers on Roman Religion. And I reckon I can't get any better than those results.

It's not that I'm ungrateful that I passed, I'm just not happy that I couldn't get myself to get higher marks. How dare I not try hard enough!

I mean I was just so confident that I was gonna get great marks for my exams.
But no....I didn't study hard enough, didn't put in enough effort. Even though I thought it was enough -- it wasn't. I didn't word things right, I didn't think while I was writing, didn't use enough references.

I'm not angry at anyone other than myself. I definitely can't blame my teacher. I mean I love him, he's absolutely fantastic. Even for just letting me be in class though I was a year younger than everyone else. And yeah, he was real nice and compassionate to point out all the positive things about my papers; to even check my papers for me! But why am I not able to achieve the things that I want to gain? Why am I always stuck to settle for 2nd best?

I can't help feeling frustrated and disappointed with myself.
I wish I could just resit level 3 classics all over again.

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