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currently: trying to cool off.

Okay, so you know how I was so tired yesterday - even though I didn't do anything?

Well now I'm tired from listening to all the work I have to do - and I can't find my inner motivation to make a start on some of this work.

Like in my head, I'm saying "MOVE! DO SOMETHING! FINISH YOUR WORK! GET GOING!"
But of course - the body protests. "Bah. Can't be stuffed."
My mental and physical always choose to fight at the wrong times.

I can sit for hours on end doing nothing cause of this.

Like right now. I can stare at this blog for about half an hour just thinking, or sometimes just look at my nails and not think, and I wouldn't notice how fast time went passed. Just from looking at my nails and not thinking.

I can get the really random thoughts in my head that will just tune me out from the rest of the world. For example - my thoughts right now:

  • my music is loud
  • it's dark
  • library books are due soon.
  • I haven't read much.
  • Am I sure I spelt library right?
  • Why did I not use this bulletpoint function before?
  • my foot aches.
  • I wonder why it aches
  • Achy-breaky-heart
  • gosh I don't like Miley Cyrus
  • Ha - Miley got called racist today.
  • The uni thing was tonight
  • I need to cut my fringe.

And there was an insight into my current state of mind.

Exciting isn't it?

I know that I should be using my time wisely. Cause right now - 2nd day of school and all, I have a lot of time to get ahead at this moment. But I'm not. Cause I am lazy. Well lazy in the body which is causing my brain to sigh and just go "Foine. We can delay this for a bit."

Two months from now - I will be annoyed at myself for this moment. Cause I will be up to my elbows in work and my brain will say "I TOLD YOU TO WORK" and my body will be saying "bwergfbkhehsr...wertgbkaerg" *chokes and faints*

You know, I think I wrote a song about Motivation...lets see if I can find it.

Motivation - a song

All the stars sparkle
How I wish I was one them
Those people who have all reasons in life to sing

And on upon that stage of night sky
Everyone can’t do anything but to stare
They say they are just too gorgeous
I wish I was there

Pre ch.
I’m locked in a cage
And those fireflies
They’ve escaped.

I’ll dig deeper
And hope that I will reach up high
Further I fall down
Something will have to get me by
But I’m going nowhere
Except to create a grave
That they will push me in
And I can’t cope
With anymore of this

I scream for a new place
Cause here all the lights dim
Nothing of the mood will keep me staying in

They say Rome is always nice
Funny since everything crumbles now
But they can hold much better than
My house of cards

pre ch.

Just tell me
If there’s anything left
To keep the light on
I know I’ll need it
When I won’t sleep anymore.

Ch. x2

23/8/08 11:29pm

That is gonna be my famous last words. I will never sleep again after this day - thanks to my current lack of motivation...

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