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currently: still sleepy

(courtsey of Lolcats)

I hate the days where I so badly want to sleep in cause I'm still tired -- but I can't.

So I end up going around most of the day like a weirded out zombie. Like something out of Plan 9 from Outer Space (lol - one of the crappiest horror movies ever which makes it one of the funniest movies I've seen in a while.)

Anyway normally when I'm like this - it means I have a lot on my mind. I think I've been thinking about the assembly my year had yesterday afternoon. "In nine months from will be back here [the school auditorium] for your final day assembly...You only have 35 weeks of've got it the toughest this year - you have to work harder. The recession means that it's harder to get work and more are going into uni..." rah rah rah.

Geez - lousiest encouragement speech. All it does is get me worried (cause I tend to worry a lot) and then make me nervous about all the work I have to do...and then I wonder if I'll be able to have any fun at all. I mean previous years I've always been overwhelmed with work between April-November. I have never been to go to my friend Monique's birthday party ever in the 4 years I've know her so far. Never been to her house at all. July is always the busiest, which just so happens to be my birthday month and I haven't thrown a party for myself since I was...9. And then there's all this stuff inbetween that I always have to do.

Just feels like I'm trying to race time and so far - time has gone to tie me to a tree and I'm having to compete against time while lugging a huge amount of weight that I have been chained to.

You're probably thinking "Mel! Calm down. Doubt it's that bad. It's only February. You've only had 3 days of school." Well actually it's more like 3 1/2 since I had to spend that stupid Monday fixing my timetable. And yes - its only February but do you know how many times I've heard the phrase "Time Management" so far this month? Yes I claim it's mainly been coming from one teacher but it's still bad enough.

[/rant over] *sigh*

I think I should just try to go to bed and wake up again. I need a new start and some new redemption.

"can we take a ride
get out of this place while we still have time."

[Work - Jimmy Eat World]

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