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currently: listening to 'Let it Happen' by Jimmy Eat World off their "Chase This Light" album

"I'm the evil one who said 'gonna let everything just happen'.
Like my chest my ears are proud
the collision is such an ugly sound.
I can hear you now."
[Let It Happen - Jimmy Eat World]
It's amazing what can go by in a few weeks.
I've been in school for 8 weeks. Is it just me or is that hard to imagine?
There's something beautiful, yet very haunting when time passes by so quickly that you don't realise.
Time gets taken for granted, and every moment you miss you wish you didn't.
You spend so much time worrying and stressing the big issues, that you miss the little sparkles of happiness that only if you stand in a certain place of a certain time and or a certain light do you see it.
I find irony in the fact that when I'm talking about light, the album I'm listening to is Jimmy Eat World's "Chase This Light".
This week (or at least what's left of it), I'm gonna think more about chasing the light. There are just so many hidden treasures in the world that only someone in the right mind will be able to see, and I honestly want to be able to see them.
So I'll hug a little longer, be a little brighter, and I'm gonna find a way to embrace what I have, and what I've still got to gain.
Maybe I should tattoo "Chase This Light" on my hand then...
Just kidding.
Night now.
- btw. Hi Sushi.
There's your shoutout. XD

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