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currently: holding onto Switchfoot's "The Best Yet DELUXE EDITION" which I just got in the mail. *squee*

I adore adore adore.

There's something about watching music videos that's so artistic and beautiful - that it makes you feel something, and in a flood of emotions you fall in love again.

I'm SO glad I got this album. I thought "You know, I only have $40 to spend on I really want to waste it on getting an album full of songs that I already have all the originals to?"
Well I didn't want to do that. Hence getting the Deluxe version. Which contains almost every music video done by Switchfoot. Of course, I've already seen all of them - but on crappy youtube versions. THIS IS HIGH DEF BABY!

sorry. can't contain myself. =P
And I think having this "Best Yet" means I can shove in the cd and it plays all the favourites. Of course, just playing all Switchfoot songs are my favourites, but these are like the special few, specially chosen by Switchfoot.

All I can say is that the whole newness feeling, and then the old reminiscient feelings just come at once with this album.

And I have renewed my love for the Stars and We Are One Tonight videos.
Stars is just pure amazement - being filmed almost completely underwater STILL just blows my mind!
And then We Are One Tonight which the editing and filming is amazing for. Honestly, as a media student - all the planning that must have gone into that is just crazy.

So this is the way of me saying that I LOVE Switchfoot.
And that I'm so excited for the new album coming out in July. This new album just totally got me amped up for this.

This new record can't come soon enough. :D

(on a side note, because I'm a media student, I keep seeing continuity errors and film crew reflected in glass, and product placement etc etc. I don't know if that's such a good skill to have now haha.)

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