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currently: tired and a little annoyed.

Dear [graphics teacher.]
I. hate. graphics.

Double U Tee Fudge - What am I suppose to draw? I have NO clue what I'm doing! And you want two pages done by the end of term?

"Have you looked at the book?" you say.

Yes of course I've looked at the freaking book. And I could copy that if I wanted. But then again, that might be PLAGIARISM.

But of course, you live by the book. You bought the book SO specially from You want to be buried with your books. I wouldn't be surprised if you MARRIED those books. But then again, you don't even know your own books that well. You'd probably critise their little stupid details too.

I'm not saying that you may end up a sad old lonely man. You may have already turned out like that. Which would explain why you like to lecture people with your positive advice that if we don't spend 1325467566534213 hours on OUR graphics, we'll fail.

WHY don't you just FREAKING do the work for me then? You seem to think you can do a better FREAKING job. I don't need the credits. I'll just go to uni and ditch graphics altogether.

"If you're not gonna put in the effort, why are you here?" you say.

Well I was STUPID enough to think that I could manage time for graphics. But NOOOO. If I was to do graphics the RIGHT way, I would need to lose all social functioning and crawl inside a box where only 90 degree sets squares and special mechanical pencils will be my only company.
Which I'm sure you know ALL about.

I knew I was gonna have you as a teacher again this year. WHY do I force torture upon myself?
I should have taken design. *grumbles*

Sincerely, Me.

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