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currently: has "Mercy" by Duffy stuck ikn my head.

Dancing With The Stars has always been pretty lousy.
This year is just as bad.
Why do people keep trying? Some washed up stars don't really need to be seen again on tv.

Anyway, been pretty busy.
With Stage Challenge (sorta) starting up and all, and work kinda at a stalemate point... it's a weird stage to be at.

Can I just say, what is wrong with the freaking world?
Sri Lankin Cricket Team gets shot at.
A 17 year old stabs a teacher while they were in class.
A 3 year old gets raped and killed.
Seriously, what's causing the world to turn to crap like this?
[/end rant]

Tomorrow, off to uni for a proper lecture on creative writing.

And because I haven't updated on my Hayley Vector in a while:

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