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currently: listening to my new Chase This Light album that I got from Fishpond today. Yay for Jimmy Eat World! (along with NZ Post and Fishpond :D) friends at LOBH had a very interesting article today...

Music That Makes You Dumb

That's right. Some apparently smarty pants at Caltech Uni called Virgil Griffith (smart name too) has complied a list that uses the results from SATs and compares it with the most popular music from each college or something. It's obviously not something to take as highly scientific but you know, it works enough.

So here's the Top 10 music bands that will make you smarter
1) Beethoven (Classical - of course he's 1 on a smart list)
2) Sufjan Stevens (indie - never heard him.)
3) Counting Crows (Rock - interesting they're 3rd.)
4) Guster (Indie)
5) Radiohead (Alternative - and a fantastic band)
6) Ben Folds (Indie - he's not too bad)
7) U2 (Rock - well I had a feeling they'd be quite high)
8) Bob Dylan (Classic Rock - awesome man. Should be higher.)
9) Norah Jones (Jazz - well okay. Fair enough.)
10) The Shins (Indie - haven't heard their stuff.)

So pretty much, when you're studying with these bands - you're bound to be smarterer. :P

Some others known bands come onto the list.
Like further down... #36 is Outkast?
#57 is my 2nd favourite band in the world - Jimmy Eat World. Awesome :D
and #65 out of 133 (just inbetween) is my favourite band Switchfoot. (though I do think that these two bands are WAY better than Outkast. Come on - their song 'Roses' makes people smart?)

Then of course, crappier bands come in after that.
Maroon 5 - #73
Eminem - #86
Fall Out Boy - #97
Justin Timberlake - #116

And then not surprisingly enough - Lil Wayne - last place at #133.

So check out the list. Check out your music. If you're failing classes, turn off the rap music.
As for me, I think I might have to stop listening to the popular music stations when exams come near.

btw- there's also: Books That Make You Dumb :D

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