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April 25th - THE RESCUE

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This is really late for me to say this, but at this moment, at least 500 people have abducted themselves outside Aotea Square in Auckland City and Cathedral Square in Christchurch to rescue Joseph Kony's Child Soldiers in Uganda.
New Zealand was the first country to take part of this, on a day where Australia and New Zealand commemorate the soldiers of the ANZAC that went to war - there is still a war going on. And children are the victims holding the guns against their will.

I wasn't able to be apart of this, but it doesn't mean that I've cast away the thought of these people.

All over the world, people are abducting themselves from their homes and unite in a action for justice against Joseph Kony who has been abducting thousands of children, and is the world's first individual inducted by the International Criminals Court for crimes against humanity.

If you know anybody or see anybody taking part in this, support them. And join them in one voice to bring justice to something that the world hasn't taken enough notice of. Thousands of children are still missing, and are still getting abducted in Uganda today.

Search facebook for INVISIBLE CHILDREN - THE RESCUE and your local city to give messages of support if you yourself cannot make it.

To the 70,000+ who are currently signed up and planning or are currently taking part - I'm with you guys in spirit.

To the thousands of child soldiers still fighting a war which isn't theirs - my hearts and prayers are with you till you are free.

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