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currently: turning my back to my graphics work. Stupid thing.

Gavin Mikhail is a talented musician (and no, I'm not getting paid to say that.)
A few years ago (some time after I got the myspace that I don't even use now) I got a message from some guy that went and said "Cool! You like Switchfoot! You'd probably like this guy's music too"
And well at the time, I thought everyone on myspace was nice so I went "Sure, I'll give this guy a listen."

That guy's music I heard was Gavin Mikhail. That day, I downloaded a few free tracks and I absolutely fell in love with his music. I secretly thank the guy that gave me an ad in a nice myspace message.

Gavin is like...if you put The Fray, Augustana, The Beatles song "Let it Be", and I don't know...Vanessa Carlton (?) all together. Real good piano driven indie pop rock tunes.

I was checking his myspace, and he actually has a large amount of friends (me being one of them haha) but it's definitely a name that isn't getting enough recognition.

Anyway, Gavin is releasing another new album soon, so he's being generous and allowing all his fans free downloads of all his previous albums along with some unreleased stuff. That's 27 tracks for free, and if you're like me, you love free music. Just go to and below the banner is a 'enter your email and sign up' box.

Just a note though: ONLY sign up if you're able to download within the hour. After an hour, the download link will not work anymore. I was silly enough to stick my email address in, forgetting I can't download anything till the day before broadband gets renewed. Luckily, I have 2 email addresses so I'll be making sure I download on the right day.

And I see a flaw with me saying to download these albums when I haven't even heard the full albums myself. But honestly, even if the stuff I haven't heard does suck, there are still stellar tracks in there. I've heard 'Brave', 'Fight the Sky', 'Catch My Fall (Strings Mix)' and 'Not Enough (Acoustic Version)' as free downloads ages ago and I still LOVE these songs now.

And of course, if you really doubt my credibility (if I have any) you can listen to his stuff on myspace. And just think, you don't have to go get silly web rips if you like it, you can just download. for FREE!*

*not counting the cost of your broadband, it's gonna be a large file.

And hey, this saves you bucks in this "recession" too. Awesome :D

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