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currently: a little annoyed with myself. And listening to 'Vice Verses' by Jon Foreman.

"I know that there's a meaning to it all
A little resurrection every time I fall
You got your babies, I got my hearses
Every blessing comes with a set of curses
I got my vices, I got my vice verses
I got my vice verses."

[Vice Verses - Jon Foreman]

There's always so much worry about the future.
All the planning and worrying and deadlines, and people expecting that they're gonna see tomorrow.

No one is certain if they're gonna see tomorrow.

You're luckily to have today in the first place.
I don't want to use today to think about the past. I don't want to use today to worry about tomorrow.

What happened to the spontaneous life, to just live today?

I want to let all the stress about tomorrow to go away. And just enjoy seeing the sunset of my day.

There's no guarantee in this life.

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