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Spit, Spite, Sundays and the goats.

currently: annoyed.

I hate iTunes.

Why is Jimmy Eat World's Tempe Sessions only on friken USA iTunes and not on the NZ?
Not that I can pay for it. Dammit I need a debit card. And a job.

Unfortunately because there's only 1 video from the Tempe Sessions on youtube, we're all sadly stuck with this one for free.
Luckily, I love this song. And I love J.E.W. So I love this video. I love the way it's filmed.

(and at 0:50 when Jim says "except", it's kinda creepy gruff voice going on. I laugh.)

You know, if there was a guy like Jim Adkins closer to my age (and house) I would probably marry him.
Actually, my future husband would be a combination of Jim Adkins, Jon Foreman, the 10th Doctor Who (David Tennant) and Reed from Criminal Minds.
He'd be caring, sweet, funny, huggable, faithful, smart, have gorgeous eyes, a great smile, sing, slightly daring, adventurous, write amazingly, play instruments, good hair, and be dedicated to God.

And it would be good if he was able to cook too. Cause I can't cook to save my life.

Heh, sorry, kinda in daydream land now. XD

(I still hate iTunes.)

And on a side note, here's more Jimmy Eat World videos that amused me.

A Sunday in Tokyo - Jimmy Eat World
(What amazes me is that it was taken in one take, and it's pretty amazing. At least from my media student point of view. On the Jimmy Eat World message boards, Jim said "it was pretty funny. i am carrying the lap top because what you see is me recording the vocal that you are hearing.
we bought a hdcam, shot the video and returned it the next day. it was a nice camera but all the menus were in japanase. so, we made it for the cost of a dv tape."
So I find that pretty freaking awesome.)

A World of Adventure "Unholy"- Jimmy Eat World (and as a media student, I laugh, but a lot of this video is incredibly terrible LOL - which makes me laugh more. Sorry that I'm only able to post a link. The myspace embeding link doesn't seem to agree with Blogspot.)

*happy sigh* I love videos :D

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