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a blog from bed.

currently: ugh.

Normally I do enjoy sitting in bed for hours on end.
But not when I'm sick.

Last night, I felt perfectly healthy. I stayed up till 1:30am writing analysis on Joel Sternfeld's Queen of the Prom photo for my photography. If I wasn't so tired, I could have stayed up longer writing more and more words, flowing from my fingertips onto the computer screen. All felt good.

But now, I lie in bed with the laptop pressing against my stomach, only because the pressure seems to relieve the pain a little.

I've been attempting to do more photography, but I'm finding it hard as usual to concentrate for long periods of time, specially when I'm not moving that much.

So occasionally, I go back to think about my past few days and what contents of food has been put into my stomach to make me sick. Could it have been the Chinese Yum Char yesterday? Or the leftover Hawaiian pizza? Maybe it was one bad hot cross bun...or that last piece of chocolate mud cake.

Food poisoning is not fun.
And it always comes in the worst of times. During my holidays! I thought I could start working on Shakespeare costumes today, but right now I have trouble sitting up without even beginning to black out a little.
And I still haven't eaten anything today, so my head hurts from staring at this screen too much. Or it could be due to my brain not getting any blood thanks to my low blood pressure.

But then again in saying all this, it's not much to complain about. It's only mild food poisoning, so hopefully the worst of it will be gone by tomorrow.

Part of me thinks it was a bad dumpling at the Chinese Resturant...

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