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currently: listening to 'A Sunday' by Jimmy Eat World off Clarity Live. Clicky for free download (courtsey of J.E.W and So Much Silence)

"The haze clears from your eyes...on a Sunday."
[A Sunday - Jimmy Eat World]

(4 days till Clarity Live release. yay)

So, I hope you enjoyed yesterday's post. :D
Imagine him as your boyfriend.
That would be interesting.

And I have to say, he will be timeless.

Anyway, just watched the last episode of the 2nd season of Doctor Who. The EPIC timeless Time Lord lives forever.
My gosh, I just want to give the Doctor a cuddle. And get a pair of 3D glasses.
There's something about a dark haired British man excited about a pair of 3D glasses that is just adorable.
Now I want the rest of the Doctor Who series!

Birthday wishlist...haha

Criminal Minds on now.
Now I get to watch Reed.
Cool :D

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