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currently: a little tired.

So, 3 costumes for Shakespeare about 95% done.
Thankgoodness. One thing to almost check off the check list.

Anyway, I just written a draft about a whole bunch of stuff before, but it doesn't seem to do justice on what I want to say.
So I hit delete, and I'm gonna write out a song, just to let it all out and be my therapy.

Voices - a song

Since I got told to do right from wrong
There's always been two voices in my head
One has hopes and dreams up high and round
The other voice is reality crashing me down

I could say I'm never lonely
but then again I'm always in a lie
Because the voices can never decide
And I lose out the chances of my life

It's hard to agree
When you debate both sides

There's a conflict between myself and I
War raging on in my mind
And I can never decide anymore
What if I'm doing is right

They play all my scenarios
They argue it could have been done a better way
So I keep dwelling in my past mistakes
And all the missing words I should have said

They make me rethink all the posibilities
Up my hopes to push me back again
And then they argue on what I do next
I lose time following all these fake endings


I'm looking for life, love and inbetween
But it's going crazy
All the windows just keep closing in
and I feel like the days are empty
No I can't decide, I can't figure out
What I'm going for in this life
I take it one day at at time
But I'm falling two steps behind
And I never find a reason why.

[ch x2]
And I can never decide anymore
No I never can decide
Fall into what ifs and what could have beens
fall into missed chances and possibilities
And I never know what if I'm doing is right
is it right?

Life. eh.

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