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a little past midnight

currently: should be in bed.

JULY 3rd 2009 - So currently I'm unable to make new posts due some error in blogpost. LAME. So until the problem is fixed, don't expect many posts on here. Honestly this sucks. I need my weekly dose of bloggage. Boo.

Today (well yesterday now), I found out how much I do miss church.

I've been so far away from God, not being at church for the past 2 weeks because of Stage Challenge.

Going back has made me realise how much I felt missing. Those nights that I was crying was because I thought I was alone, but I never was.
I just lost touch of God, and I regret that so bad, because I know he was there for me, I just thought I was being too weak to not stand on my own.

I am not weak.

And I don't need religion. I just wanted a friend.

The video up there is what was played at today's (well yesterday's) sermon.
Sitting there, watching this, I felt like crying because all the trials I had went through this past 3 months, I needed God there. But I felt too ashamed to go to God, because I wasn't good enough to handle it myself.

Know that God is there.
Know that God doesn't judge.
Know that God just wants to love and forgive you of all your mistakes. He wants you close, and wants to be together with you.

"Cause you're all I want.
You're all I need.
You're everything.

[Everything - Lifehouse]

Lord, let me never be away from you.

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