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Time for that Due Lie

currently:clearing my mind. Listening to "Communicate" by Jonezetta.

"This is where our diligence has lead
The waves roll in to claim our patient steps
Can we become more than just ourselves?
And leave the sand, our want, our will, our doubt

[Firefight - Jimmy Eat World]

I dislike romance movies.

Because at the end, the girl will always give into the guy. She'd stop putting up a fight, and just give in.

Watch out, this is about to get personal....

I hate romance movies, just cause I follow the same ending. I give into the guy.

It's like I lose all my independence every time a guy comes around.
Suddenly I'm swept up in the hugs and the fun and then my thoughts are always about him.

It's the ultimate defeat. I'm always the one that gives in.

He becomes one of the last thoughts I have at night.
He becomes the reason why I don't do my homework.
He becomes the reason why everything is put 2nd when I'm with him.

WHY MUST I KEEP DOING THIS!? Where is my flipping willpower?

It's because I'm a flipping female. And everytime he's on my mind, I wish I was on his.

"I could never be the one that you want, don't ask.
Well here's to living in the moment.
Cause it passed."

[Carry You - Jimmy Eat World]

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