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a bad triangle.

currently: tired. Still have to write 400 words for my English essay.

I can't do romance.

Honestly, romance to me is now offically awkward.

Infact, its becoming a bit of a nuisance. I'm sorry - not to be negative towards it or anything for anyone else, but to me, it's like LIFE. LOVE. BOTH WHY?!?

Maybe its cause I'm stressed over my essay and I spent the last 3 hours chatting to people...

But I mean I'm trying. And all I get is annoyed at the end.
Because in my life right now, where is there a place to find love?

If love is suppose to happen, I just want it to happen already.
None of this slow waiting around, being all hesitant and unsure. Just BAM. Some guy come knock me over and lets go from there.

Cause everything in life feels so unsure at the moment, I just want something to happen and go right first time around.

Just...happen already.

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