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currently: weirded out.

I used to think triangles were the coolest shape in the world.
Just cause they could be all symmetrical, and when they spin they look really cool. And it didn't matter if they weren't equal (though they did always look better when they're equal.)

Today - I dislike triangles.

I find myself caught up in a relationship triangle. An extremely awkward one at best.

And its the fact that though I do now (due to awkwardness) want to "remove" myself from the triangle - it won't be a triangle. Which I want but I can't change reality - I can't change my position in the triangle.

Its not even a very nice triangle after all.
Its a very unbalanced triangle.
A very weirdly positioned triangle.
A very abnormal triangle.
Deviation of a triangle.

It really shouldn't be a triangle I should be caught in....But I am.


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