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I wanna hold your hand

currently: cold.

My hands are freezing at the moment.
I've got quite skinny fingers, and so my hands get cold really easily. Normally what I do is sit on them so my body temperature can warm them up. But me typing and all, makes it a little hard.

This week (from Monday through to tonight anyway), hand holding seems to be on my mind. Or at least happening around me more than usual.

I think I'm overthinking the motives behind it.

Cause I mean I hand held at ball with Ball Date. When we held hands, it was nice. He...well at one point he was stroking my thumb as he was holding my hand - which isn't normal to me - for at least something to happen on a "friend ball date". But you know, it was...nice.
I still question how normal the deal is though. Maybe I haven't held enough hands...or something.

But today (and I don't know how much I can say about today)...lets just say when he [unmentionable other] grabbed my was weird, spontaneous, kinda random. But he was the one that reached for my hand. And I think I'm overthinking how I happy I felt at that moment.
Cause it wasn't something that know. Expected.

Geez I feel like I'm reacting like a 12 year old girl.

I'm over all this emotional stuff. Really. I am.
I just can't help having this one weak moment where I rethink things, feel happy, and then go "Oh crap...not again."

So right now, my hands are still freezing.
But the thoughts in my head manage to keep me warm.
And hand holding - it's cool :D

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