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currently: tired. and cold.

Maybe it's cause the weather is crap, I'm feeling sick again, and I'm just tired in general.
But today - this slump is hitting me hard.

Its a slump, a confusion, and the fact that nothing has really made me smile today.

Last night I had trouble sleeping, and while I was tossing and turning, I had a moment where I felt I couldn't breathe. I started going into a panic mode - just thinking about my graphics workload and my chest tightened, my throat closed up, I thought I was gonna start screaming....

It scared me.

In an hour, I've got this conference thing called The Get Smart Rev0luti9n conference for church. First one I'm ever going to.
I'm hoping that God will at least give me some confidence, and get me out of my creative slump I've been having with my homework. (which I haven't done.)
Part of me thinks that spending these next 4 nights, 3 days with God, and being around happy people will hopefully do something. Something good. And that I can get back to feeling normal again.

Cause last night is something I don't want to repeat again.

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