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song lyrics

A sound

currently: about to go to some Ladies Night thing at the local hardware store. Shall be interesting...

Been meaning to post this. This song is first song in a long while where I've ACTUALLY wrote music for the lyrics. (Or rather, I have guitar chords to actually make these song lyrics FOR a song. It's a feat - I don't normally get time or enough skill to do this haha.)

A Sound - a song

hidden under the blankets
the stars tease us
lets run away from this place

the moon sweetly calls
I hear night has lost
there's only a few minutes left of today

winter is cold
but it gives an excuse to keep us close

carry up to the sky
fireworks collide
leave us singing
know that heaven's on fire
just for a sound
we're gonna leave this town

there's no silence in me
my heart is screaming
lets never leave our dreams alone

if midnight is crashing soon
we'll just stay here dancing
I'll let you know all the secrets that I keep


won't hear the words the same
but they still hold the meaning
it wil never change
not time, not place
I can't imagine
having to stop seeing your face

[ch x2]
5/7/09 12:16am

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