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Not 17 again or forever.

currently: T minus 2 hours 19 minutes till I'm offically 18.

So I have 2 hours and 19 minutes to soak up the rest of my '17'ness.
I never realised how big deal being 17 is.
Its like being at the edge of adulthood and childhood.
I mean you're a teenager, but you're a year away from being classed as an "adult", and a year away from no longer being a "child".

Being has been great.
LOL, don't want to make this sound like a farewell speech and all, but I will miss being 17.
Part of me knows that as soon as I turn 18 - doors do open for me.
I can legally drink alcohol, buy cigarettes, buy scratchies and lotto tickets, gamble, have my own Trade Me account, be trialled as an adult, go into R18 gigs and movies, and just generally become an adult.

The thing is though, being classed as "an adult" means I have to make adult decisions.
Cause yes, I can drink, I can smoke, I can buy scratches and all those things. But being an adult is knowing how to stay in the right mind, to what is right.
Because now, I have more responsibility over myself, over my actions. I have to know that I can't always expect someone to save me, to choose for me, to make the right decision for me so I don't. The blame will fall on me.

To be a good adult - I have to know that this grown up world is gonna be mean and painful and I gotta...well Man up.

But of course, one thing will remain constant till eternity.
God will be my light and my protector in the darkness.

Bring it on.

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