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All that glitters...

currently:surfing the tube. (youtube to be exact)

All that glitters...isn't always gold.

Proof that just because something is sparkly, it doesn't make it prettier.

The All-American Rejects playing "I Wanna" on Rove

Dude, I'm kinda ashamed that I used to think lead singer Tyson Ritter was cute.
Now he looks like Iggy Pop from Iggy and the Stooges. (or in this case, a sparkly version of Iggy Pop from Iggy and the Stooges.)

I much prefer them back when they released "Swing, Swing" (Tyson's blue eyes and mop of hair. *gush*)

Ahh well. I'll always be an old school AAR fan I guess. When the lyrics were (slightly) better, the rock was more rock, and Tyson didn't look like a drunk chipmunk who's smoked too much weed.

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