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currently: tired of being tired.

It's been a looonnnggggg week at school.
University. Scholarships. Students Loans. RArgh.

But you know what, instead of having a rant about my issues, I'm taking a break.
Friday night, letting go.

So the new Panic! At The Disco video came out.

3 things why this video has my interest.
1) If you don't hang around the tweenies, then you probably don't know that Panic at the Disco is now only consisting of 2 members, the team of (cutie) Brendon Urie (lead) and Spencer Smith (drums), versus Ryan Ross (lyricist and guitarist) and Jon Walker (bass) citing "musical differences" for their split. (Band breakups always sound like marriage divorce.) So now RyanJon= The Young Veins, and BrenSpence=Panic! At The Disco (OMGTHEYBROUGHTBACKTHEEXCLAIMATIONMARK!...good grief.)

2) So cause of this split up which they only announced last month, and they've only got 2 members, already they're managing to release a single for the new Megan Fox movie "Jennifer's Body" (Vampire/Demon popular girl. Good Grief again.) What suprises me is that Brendon and Spencer actually appear in the video. You would think they'd wait till they got a full band...But okay, jump back on the horse and prove to us all that you guys are all okay.

3) If you vaguely follow P!ATD (or PATD - name it what you will with the bloody exclaimation mark) then you'd know about the very theatrical, fantasy like style they have with their videos. This video - far from it. They spend 90% of the video just looking like they were working with the Men in Black.... Part of a new image?

I do love this song and this video though. As usual, Brendon is adorable, the lyrics are always suggestable ["Can we fast forward till you go down on me..."] and one fun and curious image at 3:25....

Plus, this song has more worth than a lousy Megan Fox "I'm the only reason why people will watch this" movie.

At least I'll know which movie to see when I want to have a good laugh at something terrible.

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