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Boys, toys, and all the noise.

currently: sore.

My face hurts.
Like really, my face hurts.
Whatever I'm allergic to - go away.
Because whatever it is has been causing my face to burn, to crack, and is beginning to make my lips too big than what I already need. And I already know I have quite big lips.

Fail. Real fail.

The title btw- really has nothing much to do with this post.
It's just the usual frustrations of life and all that inhabit within this world.

I can't help but find annoyance in boys.
Well certain boys.
When they do something, when they don't do something.
To be fair to them, girls make it difficult. I know I make it difficult for them - I have high expectations.

I do wonder what my future husband is like though. Provided that God has planned for me to get married.
Sometimes, you have a moment where you can't help but wonder who your future husband is gonna be - and if you've met them already.
I do wonder if I have already met them...and I just don't know that they're gonna be my husband yet. The thought is kinda scary - like that guy you currently dislike most is who you're gonna spend the rest of your life with...

I can't help but think about the future. Its that time where you're kinda forced into thinking about it.

And on a different note, my video consumption has increased since we have unlimited broadband.
Maori Spongebob is really weird...Patrick sounds pretty good though.

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