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Chapped lips and things like chemistry.

currently: listening to 'I'm Ready' by Jack's Mannequin. Good thing about this band is that I've learnt how to finally spell mannequin without spellcheck.

I hate chapped lips.
It hurts, burns, and is a hell of a pain.

Like all you want to do is lick your lips because they are dry - but then they just feel worse 2 minutes later cause they become twice as dry.

I'm very tempted to stick my lips into a bucket of ice water so I can stop feeling them. Doesn't help to use chapstick just cause I think that's the thing causing my allergic reaction. Lame.
If I'm gonna wake up like this tomorrow - I'd be very tempted in skipping school.

And then there's love.
Gosh, don't you hate lines like that? It's like something from a stupid Grey's Anatomy monologue.
But I'm having issues. As any 18 year old seems to be getting. Or at least I seem to be.
Its like a freaking see-saw. First I'm up, then I'm down. And I can't manage to find the balance just yet.
Those moments, where you suddenly take notice and I just want to shoot myself for not making up my mind. It's as big as an irritation as what is on my lips. Which is now going through a stage of itchiness at the moment. ARGH.

Why is there no straightforward answer nowadays?
I just want God to come down and say "Mel, here is what is going to happen. You're gonna marry this guy, have this many children, have this job, and just live life in the ways that I tell you."

And I'd be "Like sweet. As you want it Lord."

Then I'd ask what the meaning of life is after that and all too. But at least I'd hope that my life would be going somewhere.

Though I have to admit - I do enjoy the mystery...

Just wish it wasn't this easy to feel frustrated.

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