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Cocktails and cockups

currently:has a popcorn kernel stuck in back tooth. So irritating and annoying since it won't come out.

So yesterday, I lost my alcohol virginity.
Actually, saying that makes me feel incredibly terrible. And quite ill.

Up until yesterday, I had never had alcohol in my life. No sips of red wine, no gulp of champagne. Nothing.

But yesterday, went to my friend's 18th dinner. We and a small group of mates went down to the city with her family, to a resturant that I won't name.
We were ordering drinks, and I was teasing my newly 18 year old friend how she could get a cocktail now since it's legal. (The drinking age in New Zealand is 18 years old.)
She was shaking her head, saying no, it's fine.

Then the idea came about that we should both get cocktails.
And so she said she would get one, if only I would.
I said I'd get one if she chooses. Cause I thought, what the hey - do something 18 so people can stop asking me.

Our friends ended up picking for us. A drink (which I also shall not name just in case - being associated with the resturant) that was described as a mango, passionfruit vodka, with Frangelico sorbet and plum vodka.
They must have thought "oh yeah, sorbet. Must be good." Like it's fruity or something.

Oh gosh, it was not good.

The drinks came round eventually. Everyone was like "ooh, Mel is having her first drink ever! take photos!"
it looked cool. The glass was like a martini glass with a zigzag column handle thing...It was yellowish, thick, and had this oil looking stuff over it. (plum vodka?)
I stuck the straws in, gave it a sip.
First it was Oooh...then wait... then: yuck.
At first taste, it almost was nice. Then the actual taste came and it was like...horrible bad liquid medicine. Like...well I dunno. Terrible medicine.
I had more and was like "Well....what am I gonna do with a $15 cocktail? It would be incredibly rude for me to leave it. Maybe I'll just drink it while I'm having dinner."
So for a while, I was letting the vodka keep my stomach warm.

I chose fish and chips for dinner. I was like "small sounding dish. Should be fine."
Not small. Infact, incredibly filling.
Don't get me wrong, it did taste great. Their food is pretty good. Their garlic bread was excellent, and the bite of steak I had off my friend's plate was really tender and amazing. But it was so filling...I struggled to finish. And really - I shouldn't have finished it if I couldn't. I just really hate leaving food on my plate. Specially since someone else has paid for it. (I really hate spending money, specially if it's someone else's that I haven't earnt.)

So when I realised the cocktail was still there - in my head and my stomache I was like "UGH. Don't drink."
But I was also feeling obliged to finish it. Cause 1) someone else paid for it. and 2) It was my first alcoholic drink.
So after I had passed it around, asking if anyone else wanted to try it (and hoping they'd take huge gulps - to which I got back "Wow, that is pretty has a really weird taste") I got the straw and downed the rest of it.

What a bad move...
Cause the rest of the night, I felt absolutely sick.
Or at least more sick than I already felt after stuffing myself with dinner. The cold didn't help too.
While we were walking (the long distance) back to the cars to go get icecream, all in my head was "feel sick. Not good. Maybe go home?" - and I did consider it. I didn't want to spoil the night - but my friends were all '"it's just icecream. You don't look like you're sick. Are you gonna be fine?"
To which I replied "Yeah...I should be fine."

I sat up front while we made our way to this place (Movenpick?) where my friend said did have the best icecream (in Auckland anyway. Pretty sure Welly/Christchurch's Strawberry Faire is up there too.)
Didn't get any icecream...Just sat there at the table going "ugh...." (quietly) hoping that the feeling would pass. I felt really cold, and kinda numb. And of course in pain.

Then on the ride back....ugh not good either.
About 15 minutes away on the motorway - I suddenly did not feel good at all. I covered my mouth just in case, and said "Alright, I really don't feel good."
Its been a good long while since I last hurled, but I know that the feeling of hurling isn't good.
I asked if my friend's mum could pull over. And I was panicking in my head, thinking "Okay. One alcoholic drink and I think it would be a bad thing to get sick in someone else's car."

Pulled over, I got out.
I leaned against this fence, trying to breathe. Luckily the feeling passed away really quick. Then didn't feel so bad after that.

Got home, laid in bed. Felt way too weird, fell asleep quickly.

Woke up this morning, and my throat hurt a bit but at least I didn't actually get sick any time through the night.

And that was my first alcoholic drink experience.

Think I'll continue avoiding alcohol.

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