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Swallowed by the sea.

currently: listening to Coldplay's 'Swallowed by the Sea'

So I've been real into reading
It's stupid, but funny, and just really addictive to read.

But it's made me realise how many FML moments people get.
And how many I can pick up in one day.

If only teleport or timetravel machines exist.
Cause then we would learn our lessons, and then turn back time to not have to face them.

Yeah I know wouldn't exist if we didn't have these stupid FML moments.
But its like so much pain and confusing and embarrassment comes from this.
Right now, I wish for the sea to swallow me.
Cause I mean: Messy relationships, unfinished homework, pressures of scholarship, allergy problems, and now me just realising I have to wash the 2nd set of dishes...

makes me wanna say: FML.

Cause you know, you can't be absolutely happy every day of your life.

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