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The infinity dress

currently: listening to "No Sensitivity" by Jimmy Eat World

THE GOAL for these holidays.

To make something like this.

They call it the convertible/infinity dress. Personally I think the infinity dress just sounds WAY cooler haha.

But this type of dress is suppose to allow you to make dozens (or infinity) of different styles and stuff, with the one dress.
Which I think is TOTALLY AWESOME.
Cause think about it, you're at a party, things are getting boring - change your dress!
Well that's not exactly the cure to liven up a party, but hey, you'd feel cool trying to come up with different style and stuff.

So that is my goal for these school holidays. To make myself a dress like that.

Oh and do my homework too. Darn that homework.
(at least there's no more graphics brief! YAY!) :D

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