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currently: listening to "Pyramid Song" by Radiohead in bed. (I mean I'm in bed listening to Radiohead. Not that Radiohead is in bed with me. That would be odd...)
So hey, 10 points to whoever can figure out what this is.

But anyway, random webcam playing aside, got a very random but very cool Facebook ad just before.

Odd right?
But hey, check out that description.
Icecream that looks like sushi. GENIUS.
Actually it really isn't. It's just very odd, and gives you that whole "Oooh I'm cool cause I eat foreign food" feeling.
Also gives people that help to overcome their fear of sushi which I know a couple of my friends seem to face.

Anyway, I got myself a voucher. As soon as I have the chance, I'm getting one of these :D

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