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"another night, another freefall"

currently: listening to 'Fix You' by Coldplay.

I'm too scared to put down a countdown timer till the end of the school year.
I'm so swamped with what I have to do that it's just overwhelming. Half the time I'm completely exhausted, ready to fall asleep, or I'm awake like this in the late/early hours, quietly trying to get all this work done.

Tomorrow ( like 10-15 hours time-ish.) I'm handing my 2nd portfolio to the local uni for design. Fingers crossed and keep prayers coming. This is like my 2nd and last uni choice. If I don't get into either...I'm not too sure what I'll be doing.

Anyway, busy with work, so lack of postage going on.
There's like 3 weeks left. *eep*
So much to do.

I'm hoping to see the Night Lights with Telecom sometime this weekend too. I love lights XD Hopes the weather is good... =S

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