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currently: trying to make a good video on Movie Maker. Bahh.

If you know me, or have read blog posts from last year, you would know my love of lights.
This is just more proof why I love lights:

I took these on Friday when the Ferry Building in Auckland City had the "Night Lights with Telecom".
I will admit, not exactly the greatest title - so there wasn't the highest amount of expectation, but completely and truthfully, it was pretty awesome.
It was animated and interactive with these light boxes (don't ask me how they worked) and you could see people around we really into them, which is awesome to see. The crowd that was around at 8:30ish was pretty big.

Oh btw - those last 3 photos weren't taken from a public spot. It was one of those people my family knows that lives up on this nearby apartment building and I took some shots from their rooftop. They have the most amazing view, I'm a little jealous.
The view I've got from my bedroom window is just more houses. haha.

Anyway - there's like 2 or 3 more nights of the Night Lights with Telecom at the Ferry Building in the Viaduct. I suggest if you can make it, check it out. I think the show repeats every half hour. So yeah, total coolness.

And they're pretty. :P

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