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currently: in pjs, eating chocolate. Awesome :P

Okay, so I've sort of been a Family Force 5 fan. I don't follow them or anything, but I subscribe to the ToothandNail youtube channel and the Dance or Die video was in the latest vids so I just watched it the other day (I know it's been out for a couple of months already. I live in NZ, things take longer here LOL.)

I beyond love this song, and its a cool video. But I don't know what to make of it haha.
Reminds me of my photography portfolio boards, Neurofen ads, Teletubbies, and Captain Planet's Planeteers. haha.

But yeah, if you happen to be a FF5 fan and ACTUALLY know what the video is about - let me know.

Oh btw, in other news, SCHOOL HOLIDAYS ARE ENDING! (boo.)
I made an infinity/convertible dress like I said I would last Saturday.
It kinda failed. Tip: If you make a convertible dress that is patterned, make it doubled or something so that it's patterned on both sides for the ties and not just the one side. Cause...well if you wrap it around you, it doesn't look that nice.
But I wore it to a party and it managed (after taking ages to make sure it was wrapped all right.)

Now I'll just take it apart and change it to like...a pillowcase. LOL. (I'm semi-kidding. I have worn skirt turned pillowcase turned tube top to a wedding. I'm just that cool. And poor that I wear skirts and pillowcases.)

Also on the to-do list: hopefully to make an Obi Belt, a new sling/handbag (cause mine is breaking) and my grad dinner dress. Hopefully I'll sew that tomorrow so it's all done. I bought my zip today for my dress. So I should be all good.

Speaking of stuff I bought (sorta bought...) - today we gots MAGNETIC PAINT.

Was on sale today. Haven't used it yet, me and my sis are sharing it to paint one part of our bedroom, but it has the possiblility of being BEYOND awesome. Think about it - you can decorate a wall with fridge magnet! No more blue tack and cellotape. And...yeah - its just cool :P

I'm so keen to try it out!

There's just so much I wish I could have done these holidays. And I spend too much of it sleeping in.

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