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Key things on speeches

currently: with a sore throat.

So I just did a graphics presentation tonight. *relief* Wow, so glad that that's over. It's not that I don't like doing speeches, I find them kinda fun. I like talking. When the speech is a good topic too. But unfortunately it's hard to make graphics *funny*. But hey, got through it with what is left with my voice now.
Doing this presentation tonight did give me some good points that I should remember to do next time if I ever have to do a speech.

5 Key things I just learnt and need to remember when doing a speech.
1) Read through the whole of your speech at least more than 3 times. So that way, you actually know what you're really saying, and that you're not repeating the same words.

2) Don't use words that you can't pronounce in your speech. Cause that seems like a pretty clear point and all. Otherwise you don't want to look like an idiot up there.

3) If you do use have to use words you don't know how to pronounce, FIND out how to pronounce them, don't guess it. Cause then you just look like a bigger idiot.

4) Don't keep staring at the same person while talking. Cause that's just creepy. And don't keep staring at the screen and pausing that way. Cause if it's being videoed, sometimes no one can see what you're staring at off screen.

5) Don't talk in a stupid voice that will kill your throat halfway through the speech. *ahem* Specially if it sounds like a stupid tv show presenter that talks way too loud when needed. *cough*

Think I might go have some soup for my sore throat now...

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