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currently: not pregnant. And for some reason, listening to 'Sandy' from the Grease Soundtrack...

No, don't get the wrong idea. I'm not picking up a sudden love for Grease. No, Grease was long ago killed when my graphics teacher played their soundtrack on a daily basis for at least 40 minutes each class (more if you stayed in for lunch.)
And no, I'm not pregnant. GOSH no.

I just went shopping before at the local Kmart today, hoping to get school ball photos duplicated (no luck, scanner is broken. Why would it take 1 week to fix?!). Anyway, with no luck getting photos reprinted, I wandered round the store, texting my mate as I was checking out clothes...
Sometime I just ended up in the maternity section of clothing without even knowing. I was looking at them, thinking how nice and how interestingly shaped they were till I noticed the big fat "MATERNITY" tag hanging from the label.

Do you know what is slightly awkward about the whole thing?
The fact that I'm a clearly 18 year old girl, (well one that looks about 15) looking at maternity wear.
It called for that "awkward sliding escape" moment. You know the one. Where it's like "Alllll righty..." and you back away hoping to not be noticed.

Then later, I saw a pregnant lady with a shirt that had one of those "Baby on Board" signs and I was like laughing to myself going "Oh, I would totally get one of those shirts."
Then I had to do a double take on myself and realise what I just said.

For the rest of the time I was shopping, I then swore that pregnant people were following me.
I don't know if its the lack of hobbies in my part of the city, but when was there a sudden increase in pregnant ladies?
I'm just like WOWzers. Every 5th lady I passed is up the duff.
It just leaves the question - is Sept/October the general pregnancy season?
I'm thinking, 8-9 months ago New Years - Valentines day etc.
So was that the result of those holidays? Everyone getting knocked up at about the same time?

Just a thought. I'm killing time cause for some reason Facebook isn't working for me.

But speaking (writing) of what is working...

A N B E R L I N !

at 0:57 - that is from the Auckland concert at the Powerstation last August that I went to which was SO intensely awesome. (if you need to be reminded or convinced:
My journalism article, my happy photo post,

<- and this ticket I have on my wall as part of my cd mirrors and stuff that is cool or important.)

(Yeah, I'm still pretty happy from that day...)

Anyway, you should check out the Anberlin concert article on Coup De Main Magazine too. They've got some awesome photos up which gave me a chance to relook Stephen in his very awesome skinny jeans. :P

(I mean honestly, they look pretty tight on him...His legs are like tree branches. Good looking tree branches... XD)

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