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currently: listening to two different radio stations.

It makes for an interesting wake up call to hear that a tsunami is headed your way.

My prayers to Samoa. A 8.3 earthquake followed by a tsunami early this morning (like 7am.)
I'm pretty much refreshing NZHerald like every 5 minutes now.

About an hour ago, the radio stations and the tv stations were all "Tsunami is gonna hit New Zealand. Tsumani warning to all of the country."

So people in the lowlying coastal areas are all evacuating and stuff....
And then they're reporting that the wave could be as big as 1 metre.

Okay - unless they're wrong, 1 metre...not that big. I mean yeah, it is big - but not possible killing whole town big.
And I mean where I live, we're all along the beachfront. And if we did get hit by a tsunami as big as like the Boxing Day Tsunamis that while back...then well my whole area would be submerged.

1 metre...It's enough to tell someone to stay off the beach.
But I think it would be pretty safe to go to the park. haha

And those so-called "hardcore" surfers to surf the wave. 1 metre...that's a pretty good wave. But don't be idiots.

But yeah, so I'm just chilling at home, watching the weather. It's raining on and off at the mo...but I don't see my street being submerged any more than it was last night in the massive storm yesterday. (which was very minimal - lightning was fun to watch :D)

Makes me a little glad that I'm not on holiday up in like Whangarei Heads like I was last November. Cause where we stayed there, the water reached the back step at high tide.

So to all the joking aside, I do hope you folks round NZ are all safe, and that the people of Samoa have as little casualities as possible.

And to be honest, I wouldn't have the clue if the tsunami has hit my part of the country at the mo...Could have passed already for all I know lol.

Oh and on a side note.

Hello Hurricane.
(Always playing from 2:37 onwards - LOVE ♥)

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