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...brick by brick.

currently: listening to Brick by Boring Brick by Paramore

I'm quite excited by this video. I love full concept videos like this, ones that are all arty and stuff. This is why (to be very honest) I was let down by the 'Mess of Me' Switchfoot video. I mean don't get me wrong, I love those boys like anything. And the video is constructed and edited really well, suiting the song because of it's raw guitar noises and energy that is really powerful in their concert footage...But complete performance based music videos aren't as fun.
Even Meant to Live (not the Roxy concert version) wasn't like this. And another reason why I ADORE the Stars and We Are One Tonight video (which I absolutely love for it's editing). And I mean the Stars video was how I got into Switchfoot in the first place.(Boys floating about underwater? Win.)

Even Oh! Gravity which is effectively, just them performing, has the special effects of green screens and stuff.

But yeah, getting off track...I can't wait till this video is released.
And hopefully it will release about the same time as Paramore's concert dates in New Zealand 2010 (which The Edge have said will be in both Auckland and Christchurch like I predicted), that which will be found out Wednesday 25th if you sign up for the email, or Thursday 26th Nov. Getting excited!

It's just the matter of waiting for the days to come.
Speaking of which, Thursday is my next scholarship exam, which I probably should be studying for...stupid NCEA.

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