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Like the good old sticker book...

currently: just finished watching Kyle XY. I don't know how I feel about Jessi and Kyle together...but they are sorta clone pod babies. Makes me wonder if they have children...would they be all superhuman babies too? And would they have bellybuttons?

What I should have been doing:
Studying for media scholarship.

What I did do today.

I got I got out the duraseal (its what people use to cover their books which is all sticky and you get them in rolls or sheets...I don't know what the proper name is...) and cut out shapes etc to put on my laptop cover. After I saw my boyfriend's laptop cover (which was all black and sleek and fancy...) I felt the need to spice mine up a bit. Just to feel a little cooler.

I don't feel any cooler, but at least it was fun to stick. And protects parts of it from scratches. xD

So hey, arts and crafts your laptop covers. All you need is duraseal and a cool design. And a pair of scissors. :P

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