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currently: listening to "Night Rider Side Kick" by Like You Crazy.

(Yeah, I can't get enough of this song still.)

Anyway, been another hectic week. stuff indeed has been crazy. Art deadlines and school internal assessments due. And I've spent the couple of weeks being coma-ed out on the couch for no reason other than exhaustion.

<< Infact, I got a blood test the other day to make sure I wasn't getting sick from something else... 4 times they stuck the needle in me to try and draw out blood. I mean the usual is about 2-3 times. FOUR times. And a sore left arm cause I have to "pump" my left hand open and close to try and get blood flowing.
It is no fault on their part. I've always had "unsuitable veins" cause of my excema and the fact that I have an incredibly low blood pressure (which is enough for blood to stop flowing in my vein the first time they stuck the needle in me apparently...) But now they say I shouldn't donate blood cause they wouldn't want to do that if I take that long. So I may never learn what blood type I am...Which has always been a mystery to me.

Also, I got told I don't sleep enough of the recommended 8-10 hours. Like I really have 8-10 hours to sleep, other than Saturday.

But anyway, now I've almost got all my work done (I've got 8 pages of scholarship photography to do by Tuesday. *eep*), I can at least sleep in a little tomorrow, get all this scholarship stuff done over the weekend, and then school ends Tueday 11:50am.



To know that me, being in the "Class of 2009" and that its almost finished...a little scary.
Lately, the whole fact that I'm leaving school hasn't completely dawned on me since I've been so preoccupied with so many deadlines (spending two thirds of my day in the photography room.)'s still all a little unreal.


Part of me feels the need to crack this out haha.

Though I think I'm quite the opposite of this song lol.
Anyway, just a quick update. Still need to finish work. Oh, and I'm still needing a summer job. So if anyone is hiring in the Auckland region...would be sweet to get a job or something...
I'll work New Years. Trust me, I'm that desperate.

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