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currently: ironing. It's so freaking exciting.... points for me for multi-tasking.

Today, I saw this.


Contrary to my sister's belief that this somehow related to "Avatar - The Last Airbender" cartoon tv series, it doesn't.
Anyway, I saw it today with a couple of friends of mine at the local movie theatre, in Digital 3D. I gotta say, 3D is pretty cool and all, but you know, this movie would be able to hold up on its own without 3D.

Visually amazing, it is pretty much seamless with the CGI combined with real life scenes. The scenes at night as well in Pandora (the planet) is just glowing with all these different colours, a setting which makes you wish you could be a part of it.

The storyline, as my friend put it, was simple enough to follow. I think its pretty important because to me, the main attraction of this film is more the 3D technology, rather than the amazing storyline. Thoug that's not to say that the storyline is terrible. Cameron's past films is a running example of how he can capture an audience, and Avatar is no exeption. The story isn't all complicated in hundreds of subplots which I'm very thankful for, because any longer and I would have lost all feeling in my body. I had pins and needles within 2 hours, and by the last half hour, I was feeling quite sore.

I'm the sort of person that can't sit still to watch a movie for that long. Unless I'm in a relaxed position, like lying over the couch. Either way, I still need to move about than be confined to a chair for 165 minutes.

Characters are also simple like the storyline, and again, like my friend said, a few of the main characters could have been more complicated, but I'm also glad Cameron didn't over do it. That would have just been too hard to follow.

But overall, yeah, go see it. It is a good film, and it is worth looking at in the movies. Difference between 3D and 2D is just the matter of how quickly you can get absorbed in the story. I mean I still have to take off the glasses every once in a while during the film, and the way that things can be unfocused in the foreground is annoying, but hey, invite people to watch it. You'll really get into the emotion of it too.

Have to say though, at the end of the film, people in the audience (fully packed theatre) ended up clapping as the credits rolled. Maybe it's just me, but doesn't it seem a bit silly to clap? Cause its not like James Cameron is hiding out in the foyer, listening in to how the audience reacts...And its not like the characters are gonna come bow in the end of the film...No one can hear it's just weird to me.

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