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Merry Christmas (Eve)

currently: smelling food.

So how do you spend your Christmas?

At my house, we've got a tradition of Christmas Eve dinner. Lots of food: turkey, ham, potatoes, salad, drool.
haha, not part of the food but thats what I do when I see the food.


Glamorous, yes.

We got my family here in NZ coming together, and sometimes family friends or workmates etc. Either way, it's quite a few people round the table.

We're all here for the food though. My mum's an awesome cook.

Then we'll open presents at midnight, or earlier if people have to leave.

Either way, I love the holidays :D
I don't get to see Boyfriend till tomorrow at church though, that's when we're exchanging gifts. I'm so keen to give my present to him already cause I worked freaking long on it.
I would post up pictures, but not online yet...not till tomorrow then.

Happy Christmas Eve! Soak up the sun/soak up the snow - where ever you are. :P

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