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currently: bout to go to bed after sewing since 2pm

The newest thing to my collection of bags.
The Estelle Bag from
I've sewn this with the scraps of Stage Challenge Can-Can material (the red satin, I've seriously got massive chunks of these offcuts), black satiny/nylon stuff (its tough stuff, and awesomely waterproof) and silver snap fasteners.
Currently I'm still without a decent pocket camera, and so using the webcam is easier to take photos with for now. (I'm too lazy to get my big camera.)

I put interfacing on the straps to reinforce them a little...should have put more to be honest.
Its a cute bag anyway. :D I'm keen to make myself a few more of these hahah

Also the other stuff sewn these holidays so far:
One black half circle skirt/top
One red obi belt (also made from left over Can-Can material ahahaha)

Yes, I'm very much into black and red.
That and I really have a lot of that red satin left.
If anyone wants to buy stuff made with red satin, feel free to let me know.

Next sew a black obi belt I think. And to tackle the rest of the leftover Stage Challenge material haha.

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