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currently: lying in bed while its pouring with rain outside. So much for summer.

And since the weather has been crap, it actually makes it okay to sleep till noon. :D
Seriously though, I've actually been struggling to sleep that long because thanks to speeding bus drivers and boy racers, they're putting in speed bumps on my street, which results in loud machinary at 8am. THANK YOU 70KM DRIVERS IN A 50 ZONE.

Paramore ticket presales today! 9am till 9am I think it was.
I'm not buying presales, thanks to my free double pass from The Edge FM :D
Kudos to you guys and making me freak out on live radio. Means a lot. XD
No seriously, thanks for the free tickets. I'm poor since I have no job, so it helps loads :D

Anyway, can't say much is happening.
I'm sewing heaps. keeps me entertained :P
I should totally start posting up what I sew. I plan on creating a whole new wardrobe for myself for Uni next year. If anyone is keen on getting into my sewing fest, drop me a line. I'll do it for cash :P
(I gotta pay for my sewing some how...haha)

In the past 2 days, I've sewn a new top/skirt in a black stretchy material.
Pretty much a round skirt with elastic at the top, tight enough for me to wear it as a top, and wear it as a skirt too.

Also, to pair it off with that I've made a red obi belt.
I'll post more about it in the morning when I can take a picture of it.

But yeah, here's to 3 months worth of sewing ahead!
You cannot know how much I've missed having the time to make stuff. :P

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