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currently: sorting out my music folder.

So I hope you all had a great Christmas. How was it? Mine was good. Can finally show you what I got my other half for Christmas...

Well it was part of it, but took freaking long to make. I made him a tie using the same material as my school ball dress from this year, which I guess you could say was our first date together (sorta. not really.) But do you know how long it takes to blindstitch the back spine of a tie? And this is like over a metre yes, it took ages.
But hey, a lot of love (sweat and mild iron burns) went into it, and I'm glad he says he loves it.

Other half may have beat me in the price range however...
Super sweet of him to get me a MP4 player (8GB). Though much more than I expected for him to spend on me. But he says it was to combine all my loves of music, and Switchfoot ahhaha. Such a sweetie, I'm not giving him up.


He solved my crappy Rubiks Cube.

The story behind this is that I bought this $3.50 "Magic Cube" in Tokoroa back in 2000 while me and the fam were tripping round the North Island (of NZ) mainly around the Taupo area. But since that trip, it's remained unsolved.
I found it in my garage the other day. 9 years later, and this thing is crappy with its stiffness and falling apart into bits-ness.
But boyfriend solved it in a Sunday lunchtime (would have done it faster he said, but cause it was falling apart it made it harder to solve.)
But 9 freaking years....and now it's complete. Sorta. The corners are falling off and chucks are crumbling off.

Anyway, he's off to an island of a reception-less sort for this New Years break, but he's left me one of his rubiks to solve. I started it as soon as he left. I have 3 more days. And I'm not even close...too much math involved with this. No wonder nerds are good at this. =P
This rubiks cube is making me miss him more, cause he can't help me solve it now. (and no, I don't want to use the websites. I don't want to cheat that badly. hahaha)

Wow, hard to believe its pretty much end of year...What a ride its been. I'm so far from where I was this time last year. So much has happened, mostly the fact that now blog posts mention Boyfriend.

I'm gonna reminisce later. First, bed time.

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